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We take every project seriously.
Here is our testimonial.

 What our clients say.  


Private Client

Mahogany House

" The architect team is truly empathizing. All of our comments, detailed needs, constraints are delicately considered and translated into our dream home "

" Also the design process is easy, especially the Virtual Reality session, it's really getting us to see what the house really be, in each and every corner we never think of. We felt confident with the design. "


Private Client

Samran House

With lots of limitation like land size, regulation, requirements, and our conditions, NWd is a professional who truly understands us. The outcome and design process answered those questions appropriately, completely, creatively, beautifully, and on time. Including the scheduled construction quality check and site visit, ensures that we make the right decision on choosing NWd as our partner to build our dream home.

Hassle-free design experience starts here.

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