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480 sqm, Bangkok, Thailand

Client : Private  
Scope : Full Service House Design ( Architecture, Interior, Lighting, Landscape, and Engineering ) 
Progress : During Construction

We believe that a well-designed home would allow family to spend more time together and be happier. “Samran” in Thai means “cheerfully”. Samran house, named by homeowner, was designed to put family’s time as the priority, focus on connections between personal activity and family shared spaces. To make sure that family have “samran” time as homeowner wished.

With members of the house have totally different interest and hobby like gardening, playing piano, cooking, board games, and read a lot of books. Therefore, we put the library, living space, music space, dining, kitchen, and along with semi outdoor barbeque yard which connecting to backyard garden. All the functions are placed around the light court featuring White Meranti tree, allowing sufficient lights and ventilation to the space. The 1st floor is simply an open plan, not divided in rooms but movable partitions to maximize connections between spaces and flexibility within small footprint of the house.

On the 2nd floor are common area, meditation space, mini library, and bedrooms which placed around the same light court on the ground floor to extend connection down to main space. Most of the opening are viewing toward the backyard are covered with cantilevered façade screen. Allowing bedrooms to enjoy the view of the lawn and beautiful sky without any privacy issue while also blocking direct sunlight in the afternoon at the same time.


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