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570 sqm, Bangkok, Thailand

Client : Private  
Scope : Full Service House Design ( Architecture, Interior, Lighting, Engineering ) 
Progress : During Construction

To us, trees always give unique feeling to architecture, from its shades, its sound, the way they move by the wind as if building become alive... At land plot sized of 120 sq.w. in Bangkok residential district. It is distinctive from neighborhood even in distance with a huge Mahogany tree stood in the middle of the site which was planted by homeowner’s father 30 years ago.

“Is it possible to fit, 4 bedrooms, a flexible family space, separate hobby corners for everyone, an outdoor play yard for kids, and flexible enough to cope with expansion or changes in the future?” homeowner asked.

We treated a tree as a core of the house and place programs around it, creating the Mahogany court where everyone in the house can gather and play around. With a requirement of 500 sq.m. of interior area plus big opening for a tree, finishing in 2 story flat is quite a challenge and going be tight. Instead, we carve a form with staggered height starting from single story on the south to three story on the west, engaging wind and blocking afternoon heat from the sun. Then we placed programs and align openings by the time of use and sunlight path, maximizing natural lights into the space while it is needed.

Exterior decorated in rustic material and earth tone color range to get along with tree shades and rough bark skin of the Mahogany. While the interior focus on using white paint and dark hard wood cladding to compliment the simplicity of the space and beautiful shadows of wood slat façade screen during the daytime.


At any space in the house, you may see the shades of the Mahogany tree through the window, hears the wind that moves the leaves and activity from the court, connects family together. Which are the heart and soul of “Mahogany House”

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