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1380 sqm, Samut Prakan, Thailand

Client : Private  

Scope : Full Service House Design ( Architecture, Interior, Lighting, Landscape, Engineering )

Progress : Completed (2023)

The homeowner firstly stated to us, “Our primary concern is personal privacy. Looking from outside, people shouldn’t see a thing inside. On the other hand, space inside should be open and connected. Also, we would like all rooms to perceive the lake view, if possible.” Located in gated community, the land plot has long-rectangle shape with a short side connected to the private lake and filled with trees. Once entering the land, everyone will feel almost like an oasis, completely isolated from outside. Because of large trees, warm breeze, and calm lakes. We then created the space to promote that “Oasis” feeling, aiming for an ideal retreat-home. ​The house is divided into two parts – (1), a guest reception part and service area is single-story located in front of the house, allowing easy access while keeping privacy to (2), the private area which is two story, designed to be a multifunction and recreation area on the lower floor while upper floor are bedrooms viewing towards to lake. The two parts are separated by the lawn yard, allowing sunlight and breeze to enter the buildings evenly. ​Viewing from the road, you will only see white walls stacked orderly which block the solar heat from the west. When you walk through those walls, the space will lead you to a panoramic façade viewing towards shady green lawn and backside lake view, enabling family members to see each other from room to room and to reconnect during the day. Because of these unique designs, residents will feel isolated from the outside world once they step into the house and will fully enjoy spending their quality time with other beloved family members in the peaceful greenery oasis.

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